Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm short, but I am happy.

End of summer. Sad time of the year. Possibly the saddest time of any year for me. End of summer is worse than December 26th in this girls opinion. In an effort to benefit more from this day instead of the typical bad attitude I thought I'd make a retrospective list of summer lessons learned.

* Hula hooping is in all seriousness a great workout (and fun I should add). Impossible to believe? Come check out my calf's. Seriously my calf's are looking awesome.
* Ace the Base is a good band. I know it's a good joke band, one of the best joke bands perhaps, but they also have some terrific back beats. "Don't Turn Around" has been my entire lunch break for the last few weeks and it would be impossible for me to be happier about it.
* End of summer means beginning of fall and that means Hutchison family Disneyland trip! I dream about the churro's and popcorn. This trip involves baby Grace and while I have some hesitations about sharing in the ride time, I think it should be a lot of fun to have a legitimate reason to be in Fantasyland (other than 8 adults going to Peter Pan solely for my 28 year old sisters desires).
* Living vicariously through "Felicity" is completely healthy. If I can't have JJ Abrams write the story of my life at least for an 42 minutes at a time i can sneak into his favorite heroines world. The Murray Library already has my request for season 3. Hopefully this can come through soon because I need/want more Scott Speedman. Like now.
* Having a job sounds awful, but it is actually fun, fun, fun. At first I hated punching in and out, but now I joy from it. I really, seriously love my job. I can even answer the phones now.

End of summer is a sad time, but fall can be nice, I like wearing a nice lightweight jacket as much as the next person.