Friday, July 3, 2009

This sister ( publicly reprimanded my lacking in the blogging department. I guess summer makes me lazy, but I've noticed that many of the blogs I stalk have also been blog neglected, must be the heat. There's been a lot going on in my life lately. I graduated. Yes, from University. I have a degree and this is great, but this is not what I want to type about today. What I want to blog discuss is things I currently hate/am very angry towards.
1. I recently became a devoted "Veronica Mars" fan ("Veronica Mars" as in the hit UPN show that ran from '04 to '07). Mid way through the first season I on numerous occasions proclaimed it "even WAY better than "Felicity". I loved it, then the third season came and went with no structure and no ending. The series just ended, but without an ending. It is so annoying and anyone that has watched the show will know how I feel. If you haven't watched it, go to your local library and watch until season three starts, don't bother it'll just break your heart.
2. I wear a size 4.5 shoe, but occasionally I can manage a 5. This past week I went to bargain shoe store DSW. Guess what size is not even in the store, not one pair? Size 5. No size 5's. Obviously I felt it was my duty to express my unhappiness to the girl working the cashier table. She tells me they always get one size 5 in of every shoe, but "they sell out the day they come in." So if somethings sells out the day they come in, why would you not be interested in selling more than one? I hope DSW goes bankrupt, they'd deserve it.
3. There's a new talk show on MTV and playing on VH1 called "It's On With Alexa Chung". Alexa Chung is terrible at her job. Every time I watch it (only thing on during my lunch break) I can't help but know that I would be way better at hosting a talk show. This makes me loathe her. If only I had a British accent.