Saturday, October 25, 2008


Alright people it's time to get serious. Mcmonopoly is almost over and I'm still not a millionaire, I'm not even a thousandaire yet! This isn't your fault, you've all tried to help. After chatting with the Captain I finally have a run down of what we NEED. Here it is. Let's all hope one of you has one of these pieces. Fingers crossed.
Golden Ave.
Boardwalk (The ever elusive Boardwalk. My entire family desperately tried for this piece one year while we played in New York, we never got it.)
Short Line Rail Road
Water Works

Let's do this team. Let's do it for America. Let's do it for the economy. Let's do it for me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby Talk.

I have a new co-worker. She helps me with all my jobs and never complains about taking the trash out. Luckily she and I get along great, she has already declared us BFF's. She may or may not be five years old. She may or may not be my bosses daughter who comes to the office after her early morning kindergarten (which she hates, but she may need that french she's learning one day). While she may or may not be a lot of things, what she defiantly is, is wise beyond her years. A and I had a rocky start, she's a little shy, but eventually my warm smiles paid off and she started talking to me. Then this little incident happened in the lunch room.
A: Emily do you have a boyfriend?
E: No.
A: Why? I do. I have a boyfriend and he's a year older than me. I kissed my sisters boyfriend. We were playing "High School Musical" and he was Troy.

A then got a serious lecture from me about boyfriends coming and going, but sisters staying forever and how the Disney Channel was no longer an example of high morals (thanks a lot Miley). A also then seriously told her mom they needed to find me a boyfriend. You're nobody in A's world unless you're somebody with a boyfriend.

Fortunately A gave me (a complete boyfriend less loser) another chance and our friendship continued to grow. One day, because of my quest to win the McMonopoly, A and I were driving to the golden arches. On the way there she started singing a Columbus song (Columbus Day was quickly approaching and apparently her kindergarten had taught her this Columbus boat song) naturally I felt obligated to tell A the truth about Columbus. Then this happened.
A: What's a murderer? How do you even know this?
E: Because I'm the smartest person you know.
A: No you're not, you don't even have a boyfriend!
E: A, I could get a boyfriend.
A: No you couldn't.
E: Yeah, yeah I could if I wanted.
A: Ok, well if you get a boyfriend he should go to your school. He should be cute and if he's rich he could buy you a pony and you could name it Rainbow.

This logic all made sense to me, I would love to name a pony Rainbow. A may or may not be on to something. So while she may not know the definition of genocide (but she did think it sounds "stupid") she may or may not have all the solutions to life. Get a boyfriend. Get a boyfriend who can buy you a pony, sounds good to me.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New friends. Old friends. All friends.

I've been a very neglectful blogger. I have things to say, but lately I just can't find the time to say them here. That's all about to change though. I promise to give my baby blog the attention any newborn would receive. This is a promise I intend to keep. Now that I'm back to regular blogging there are many things to talk about. I could tell you all about my trip to Disneyland (it was awesome) or how much I hate it when a patient uses the big suction as a personal suction (it makes my job difficult), but why I'm writing today is because I need a favour. As some of you may or may not know today is the official start of McDonald's monopoly game. What fewer of you probably know is that I play this game religiously anytime we are lucky enough to have it roll around. Well how does my future obesity and empty wallet concern you? I have a deep in my gut feeling that 2008 is my time to win a big prize, no a HUGE prize. I've been giving the golden arches my money for so long, I've basically earned this. I can't do it alone (I actually haven't been technically doing it alone any year. You see, I have this friend "The Captain", he works on a "crew" who eat daily at McDonalds during game time and every year the two of us combine pieces), I need your pieces. I figure if I can cover the greater parts of the USA I have a real, real chance at winning. And honestly you are more than likely going to throw your pieces out. If my happiness isn't enough of a reason for you to want to give me your game pieces I've compiled a short list to try and convince you:
1. I'd be really, really happy.
2. This is a service opportunity for you. Serving others makes you happy.
3. You'll be receiving many good karma points which one day you can cash in.
4. I don't plan on saving any of my money. I plan on spending all of it, thus putting it right back into the economy and helping to pull this country out of it's recession one pair of shoes at a time.
5. When I win big I'll throw some money your way and/or donate to your favourite charity.

So maybe your my big sister who wants to treat her sweet little daughter to a treat, maybe you remember they have delicious treats at McDonald's. Maybe you're my cousin who lives in Texas with her husband. Maybe you realize that I know no one else in Texas and you're my only hope from pieces from the largest state in the union. Maybe you're my dear friend who moved to CO with her husband and now you can finally realize one positive reason to being in a different state than me. Maybe you're a friend from college who is driving through a few states for a quick trip or to attend a wedding somewhere. Maybe you're an old roommate who lives on the East coast and you love Diet Coke anyway and you realize that McDonald's has the best mix of syrup to carbonation around. Maybe you're just someone who enjoys "lovin' it" daily.
In the end you could be anyone as long as you give me your game pieces you're somebody helping to bring a lifelong dream into realization.

So let me know what pieces you want to donate. You can comment here. Or email me. I'll even send you a self addressed and stamped envelope to any location you may be in. I know I have a lot of funny ideas, but this is for very real. Help me out! 2008 is my year to win, but only with your help!