Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2008 Gonna Be Great??

When I'm not watching TV, I'm thinking. Deep thoughts. What I've been thinking recently was around this time last year everyone was into the catch phrase "2008 is going to be great". Yes, EVERYONE was saying it. While my love for rhyming is only second to my love of alliteration, I really like rhyming that's accurate. And lets all be honest, 2008 not that great. No, I'm not talking 2008 not great just on a personal Emily level, it wasn't that great on a world level (hello, recession). Now I don't think it was because 2008 was so awful I think it's more that we all had our expectations way too high (great, we wanted great). Some people may call me "negative" or a "pessimist" for this kind of attitude, but I prefer to say I'm just keeping it real or that I am even realistically optimistic. I wanted 2008 to actually be great, but that was never going to happen. 12 months is a long time. There were some great months, there were some bad ones. 2008 was an average year, like should have been expected, and people there is nothing wrong with average. Average is steady, it's reliable. I like average. Plus when you expect average when you get anything better it's an added bonus. Let me give you an example.
I've always tried to be an average student. Unfortunately for my average goal in Jr. High I was a way below average student. Like way below, I may of may not have had a 2.0 average going into 8th grade. As a student of a younger age my parents would financially reward grades (awesome). For my siblings they had to make the honor roll, for me I had to get a C (double awesome). Once I got to the average stage my parents were happy, I was happy, everyone was happy. Average was awesome. Eventually my grades got better, sometimes even above average and that was just extra exciting, but never expected.
Expectations add pressure. I don't work well under pressure. Apparently 2008 doesn't work well under pressure either. I don't blame it. When you start with great you are bound to fail. Luckily for me nine coincidentally rhymes with fine. So, 2009 probably going to be fine and if that doesn't work out 2010 is coming around the bend (boo yeah). Go ahead and think I'm negative about 2008, but I'm just keeping it real, that's how I roll.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Working all the live long day.

After a hard work week of tricking kids into good oral hygiene I decided to take Saturday off. Completely off, like I was in my PJ's until 6 PM. Naturally I used this time wisely to catch up on some VH1 (for the record, I do not believe that Brett Micheals will EVER find love on a tour bus. If he couldn't find it in a mansion or make it work with "the Frenchie" he should be alone forever). What really intrigued me was this "The Pick Up Artist 2" (A reality show where 3 "mentors" try to turn good guys into smooth operators. Smooth operators who can pick up chicks. Each week one good guy is kicked off the show for his lack of "skills".) marathon. I couldn't decide which of the following three things offended me the most about this reality show.
1. The shows main man, "Mystery". Ok, not so much "Mystery" the man, but for sure "Mystery's" wardrobe. Like I am supposed to believe that a guy who wears top hats and floor length coats trimmed in fur knows anything about "picking up" chicks? Plus "Mystery" is Canadian.
2. "Mystery" actually does know how to pick up chicks! So many episodes "Mystery" and his side kick "Matador" give the contestants advice that really works. While the pick up artist experts are outlining the game plan for the fellas I start out skeptical. "Yeah right that would work" to only be thinking ashamedly two minutes later "I totally would fall for that" or "I have fallen for that".
3. "Mystery" has a whole pick up girls language. He has a lingo that you HAVE to know if you want to be a real pick up artist. I guess the new lingo is where the actual art of the pick up happens. Here are a couple of my favourite pick up definitions.
Gambit=Conversation Starter
Niquito=Chick Magnet
Thread=Line of Conversation
Here's an example on how to use all three "Ok, Niquito tell a gambit and after a minute check the thread. If the story isn't working with this babe we'll bounce".
While I will admit "Mystery" was able to turn some of these zeros into real hero's I just can't put my full heart into backing this particular reality show, but good try VH1.