Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh Chad Kroeger.

This week I was catching up with sister. Sister and I stick to three solid catching up topics; her babies, my school, pop culture. Not only did sister tell me baby Grace loves Beyonce she then made the following statement, "Oh I love that new Nickelback ballad. Everytime I hear it I think of you." The song she is referring to is Nickelbacks newest "hit" "Gotta Be Somebody". I can't decide which is worse, that sister admitted to liking any Nickleback song or that anyone associates my life to a song Chad Kroeger wrote.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Where have I been?

I've been lost, but now I am found. First I got lost in the Christmas spirit. I spent all day, everyday with my family and I loved it. I liked being lost there. I'd be lost in family time all the time if I had my way. I was then on my way to coming back to the land of the living, but of course Warrick from CSI had to die, so I needed some Emily time to regroup. And then the mother of all consuming events happened. This was bigger than TV death, this was even bigger than family time. We're talking school time. Yes, I'm still getting my bachelors, but this is my final semester and my final class. FINAL as in last class. Well it will be my last class if I manage to pass it. Final class is the hardest class of my life. Harder than Spanish. Harder than my History of Rock and Roll class. And way harder than my Modern Day Poets: Bob Dylan class. It's my senior thesis and by the time this paper is due I will either be very happy or in the same place sweet Warrick is now. My good friend, Andrew Fish, took this same class last year and offered me one piece of advice "Do not start a new paper. Use one you've already written and make it better." Being the fool I am, I did not heed this advice. I've started a new paper and it is rough. First draft is due Feb. 9th. Team, I've got to pass this paper. All my sleepless nights are consumed with thoughts on making this paper passable. All my work hours are filled with thoughts of what an idiot I am for starting this paper all over. Basically all I think about all the time is this senior paper. So yes VH1 your new show "Tool Academy" looks hilarious, but it'll be reruns for the two of us. Sorry Whitney, but I will not be visiting "The City" within the next month. But attention any books/articles/thoughts on the Northern Cheyenne 1878 Long Walk, we've got some serious hours to clock in together.