Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Proof I Still Exist.

Summer of Emily is in full force people, so either jump on or get out of the way. I thought the Summer of Emily circa '06 was going to be the peak of the overcoming fears. That was the summer my good friend Tom Swapp decided that something needed to be done about my "ridiculous" Emu fear and found a strange, little farm off the freeway in Orem, UT that had emus. One hot day we hiked in over the railroad tracks and got close and personal with the emus (and the buffalo who also lived there), afterwards he was so proud of me he bought me a snow cone. He's a heck of a human. '06 was also the summer I visited a construction site and climbed the ladder, it was a huge summer, but '08 is making bigger strides. Not only has Summer of Emily '08 brought many a spider killed by me (Ok, maybe by many I mean probably about four, but that's four more than I was killing in the Winter of Emily.), but it has brought the biggest fear leap to date.
I got a job (thanks to Bree, who is definitely cooler than "Felicity" on DVD). While this is a big deal in itself (First real job I've had in three and a half years, I have an appointed lunch break, and I even have to clock in!) what makes it Summer of Emily material is the fact that this job happens to be in a dentist office as a dental assistant. As all of you should know (because I blogged about it already) I had a terrifying experience with my dentist 7 years ago, such a terrifying experience that I have a legitimate reason for fearing dental appointments. Now I work for one, and kind of love it, but also sometimes it makes me want to throw up. I get to touch all those things you want to touch in the office, but are afraid you'll get caught doing. I get to push the buttons on the chair, I know the reasons the instruments smell weird, and today I even made an temporary crown. So while this job may not last forever (I sometimes wonder if I'm too much of a free spirit to be tied down by "the man" and I have some serious day dreams about working at the zoo.) the fear is conquered and no one can take that ways from me. In your face Summer of Emily '06.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Peter Peeves

In my short 24 years I'm afraid that I have developed quiet a number of pet peeves. I've really been trying to cut back on the annoyances I feel over little things, and I can get over forgetting to use your blinker, I try and ignore the fact that you just used "at" to end your sentences, and I will even stop clearing off the extra seconds left on the microwave, but I can never, ever get over the public restroom intruder.
Using a public restroom is obviously never nearly as comfortable as a private bathroom break, but when forced to use the public restroom I still like trying to have some space. This is why when fate allows I take a middle stall surrounded by empty stalls. Often times this requires me to walk the length of the restroom, but it's worth it. This is where the dreaded intruder comes in. No matter how many empty stalls are in a bathroom this jokster has to pick the stall directly next to mine. This bothers me to no end in fact I would say it drives me crazy. It happened last week at Target and today at the movie theater. The restroom intruder totally brought down my post Dark Knight high. I'm going to try to get over this unnecessary peeve, but until then I will at least just try and make it my only peeve.

PS The good news is, my friend Traci at the library tells me they can special order Felicity season 2. Apparently special ordering isn't that big deal for the Murray Library, they ordered in Daft Punk DVD's just on the recommendation of one patron, I feel that many would benefit from more Felicity.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Big news. No, huge news.

This is the biggest thing to happen to me since Summer finally gave Seth the time of day and their magical romance began. My Rich and Deb are FINALLY home, and all the Hutchisons could not be happier.  After three (very long, Emily's opinion solely) years in Argentina Rich and Deb have come back to the land of hamburgers and inches. I personally could not have received parents at a better time. While joy is at an all time high, we still have some details to iron out. 

Background: I currently do not have a job, school, or any real obligations. 
Question: Is there any reason I should have to be up before 10AM under these conditions?
Emily's Answer: No, there is NO reason I should be up earlier than 10.
Rich's Answer: Yes, companionship study and there is no reason a to sleep in later than 9, plus only Satan sleeps in that late. 

So there are so things to work out. Another thing to work out, Rich trying to set me up on dates with EVERYONE. Rich has a goal of 30 referrals for dates by Sunday. He's in mission mode still and I am suffering the consequences. He asked the checker at Costco if he was single and looking.  If it wouldn't have been so funny, it would have been humiliating. I'm sure there will be many more of these experiences so I'll keep you posted.  

Side Note- If anyone knows where I can get my hands on a copy of Felicity season 2 I would be forever indebted.  If I don't find out soon if Felicity went to Berlin with Noel or across the country with Ben, I am going to lose my mind.