Sunday, April 27, 2008

Welcome to Munchkin Land.

Fact: Baby Duncan is adorable. I think I am a pretty credible source on this subject because I've never been goo-goo, ga-ga for newborns. He is a sweet little baby with a good soul. Baby Duncan managed to find my ever elusive maternal instincts. I have never been this motherly in my life. Usually I think newborns are pretty boring because all they do is eat and sleep and occasionally cry, but I could watch Duncan just sit for a long stretch of time and feel like it was time well spent. I may have cried when I first met him, maybe I'm just extra sensitive right now or maybe he is a really great newborn. Grace and I have also been having a nice time together. She is a smart little thing and I am surprised/amused by her comments. It was her birthday this week and she got a USA puzzle with all the states, she has been learning some states. The other morning I heard her talking to her toy tiger and she told him "Look tiger, Hawaii", and it was actually the Hawaii puzzle piece. She also said to me "Emmy read Gracie different book." She's two and obviously a baby genius. She is always referring to herself in third person saying things like "Gracie funny". Lately we have been getting into some extreme rap battles, we both hold our own. So Milwaukee has been a great visit. Spring of Emily continues with the overcoming of newborn fears. I even feed Baby Duncan all by myself, but I don't ever burp him, that's taking this a little too far. I've added a couple of pictures of me and the kiddies. One is the baby hammock I made for Duncan with my blanket and the other is me and Grace in front of the house.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Little Lady Day

Three reasons my life falls somewhere on the scale of OK to awesome.
1. Due to the amount of free time recently acquired, I was able to help my roommate Jana make a movie with her BF, Billy. True fact: I am an incredible hula hooper/actress. Here is a link to the movie we made There is one part of this short film where I seem to be legitimately mentally handicapped, see if you can guess it. Jana wanted to do something a little extra special for her parents because she is graduating (lucky), so this one is for Fritz and Gwen. Oh and yes, Jana's parents do love gangsta rap and girls lounging on Beetles, so don't judge me.
2. In exactly seven hours my finals are OVER. In the past week I've written over 62 pages of original work, and I'm not even an English major anymore. At 6 in the AM I will be at the UVSC taking a final. 6 AM is in six and a half hours. I should be asleep, but as of late I've been a bit of an insomniac, I know, I don't like it any better than you do. So if anyone wants to chat "after hours" give me a call. I'll be up and I have free minutes.
3. I have a wonderful man as a father who is flying me to spend my one week break from school in the land of dairy, alcohol, and sisters. I also get to meet new baby Duncan and hang with my favourite girl Grace. I am so happy I get to see my family, thanks President. I've heard that baby Duncan is adorable, but I'll be the judge of that. Conclusions forthcoming.
And a number 4( just for good measure). This last week I killed a spider. With a tissue not a vacuum. Also on Saturday a wolf spider crawled on my leg and all I did was brush it off, anxiety attack free, Winter of Emily is over. Spring of Emily has now begun.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Marriage is just another form of slavery."- Aunt Jackie from Roseanne

Ok folks change of plans, wedding off. Go ahead and free up August 2nd for personal use again. Things just didn't work out, but I'm blogging about it so I am obviously doing alright. Hopefully one day I will get to put all these great wedding plans into use, but that day just isn't going to be this summer. Hey, don't cry for me things are better this way. I will have to warn you reader, if you post a comment telling me "I'm sorry", I will murder you. Thank you for all your support and love.