Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter of Emily

One of my good friends suggested I write about things I am good at doing. For those of you interested, this is a long list. Today I decided to write about one of these things in particular that is being used a lot. This is my overactive imagination. This, I believe, is a great talent when utilized correctly. Unfortunately for me this talent is mostly used to scare myself, I am also really good at having fears. A few of the major fears I have are as followed (not in order): large, flightless birds IE, ostrich/emus, spiders, heights, bio warfare, dinosaurs. A couple of summers ago I decided it was time to stop letting fears run my life. I was going to get in control of them. I rented Jurassic Park. I visited a funny farm off the freeway in Orem that had, among other things, Emus. I went to a job site and climbed a ladder. I even went to the pet store to stand next to the spiders. It was the Summer of Emily. I was on a high. Unfortunately trying to get over phobias on your own is a full time job, and I just didn't have the determination. Now the phobias are the same and back, stronger then ever. I've tried little techniques, but nothing to match the Summer of Emily, until now. A couple of months ago I started seeing previews for a J.J. Abrams movie. They not only confused me, but also terrified me. When this movie, "Cloverfield" came out a couple weeks ago the fear strengthened. All my friends went and saw it, one friend told me all the gory details. That night I woke up in a cold sweat from experiencing a nightmare blending this preview and movie facts with past scary movie images. I have not see The Sixth Sense since I was 14 (In case the opportunity ever arises to see a thriller with my older sister Katie, don't do it. She is not a companion for the easily spooked. The two of us went alone to see The Sixth Sense and she cried/covered her eyes the entire movie, leaving me to fend for myself.), but still that little boy that found the gun still frequently haunts my dreams. This creep along with that ghost from The Grudge are all too often my nighttime companions. Knowing this about myself I knew I should NEVER see Cloverfield. This Sunday I told my roommate I had a vivid nightmare about Cloverfield, she had seen it the night before and convinced me that while it was intense it was not scary. That's when I knew what I had to do. I had to see Cloverfield. It had been a sleep terrorists that past few nights,and I was going to beat this thing. Last night I saw it and I slept like a baby. I beat that fear and now the Winter of Emily has begun. I had even considered re watching The Sixth Sense, but deiceded not to get that crazy, maybe I'll just get a spider plate to eat off instead.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Heartbreakers, all of them.

My life is simple, with simple pleasures. One of these pleasures is watching my favorite reality shows on reruns. Today while watching "Rock of Love Two" (starring Poisons front man Brett Mic heals) VH1 took me to commercial. Here comes one of Dr. Peppers clever "it's diet, but it taste like candy" commercials for Diet Dr. Pepper, but wait this one was extra special. It was for a new Diet Dr. Pepper, Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper. Now any consumer worth their weight in fountain drink gold will know this is definitely a special edition drink without even having to see the "limited edition" tag. Because of this I am steering clear. I don't need to get attached to another delicacy only to have it ripped nastily away by some old board room biddy, not again. RIP: Crystal Pepsi, Coca Cola C2, and Black Cherry Vanilla Coke. All three of these major hits to my soda pop lifestyle, but the cruelest of all was the sudden cut off of Mountain Dew Pitch Black. The king of nightlife pop. The abrupt end to my mountain Dew grape soda almost killed me. Every summer my heart beats a little faster seeing 7-11 carrying Pitch Black Slurpee's, but this is just a tease. Therefore I will never try Chocolate Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper, it just isn't worth the heart break.