Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memory Day.

This last weekend was a federal holiday and my birthday. This meant a road trip was on the docket. My weekend was filled with my two favourite engaged couples. Kris, Bethany, and I drove down to California and then Rachel and Rodney picked me up in Anaheim. Let's talk highlights.

Kris and Bethany-
Look at this couple, babe alert. Kris and Beth were the BEST road trip partners of life. They tell great jokes, listen to pleasing music, let me take as many bathroom breaks as I want, and they didn't even make fun of me when I cried while looking at the pictures of Ashlee Simpson's wedding (Oh give me a break, I'm not made of stone!). Kris and Beth are a stellar engaged couple. They never PDA and they always make you feel welcome around them. They are two extremely good souls who I am so lucky to have on my team (Yes I have a team and if you are reading this you better plan on being part of it. Maybe we'll get uniforms).

The Peterson Clan- Kris's family was nice enough to let us spend one of the road trip nights in their amazing St. George house. The thing about the Peterson family is they are generous, kind, attractive, and welcoming. They are all also exceptionally funny. If they ever had their own reality show I would watch it, love it, and hope to guest star in it. They are funnier than you, they are funnier than me, they are even funnier than Red Skeleton. Yes, they are that much fun. Not only did they give me a comfortable bed to sleep in, but they also had coca-cola classic and cinnamon poppets (small doughnuts) waiting by the door for our 5 AM departure.
Next up were Rodney and Rachel. These two are the most awesome. The second I sat down in the Hyundai it was joke central. They make me laugh so hard I think my spleen is going to explode, but I wouldn't even mind because we are having so much fun. They are a great/good time. We had lots of jokes, impersonations, and rap collaborations. Rachel and Rodney did their part to make my birthday a fun time. They took me all around Venice Beach, Hollywood, Santa Monica pier, and so many great vintage shops. I pointed out all the famous spots I recognized from MTV's "The Hills", including but not limited to Koi, Area, SBE offices. Now I will put up a line of pictures for you to view.

Overall a very nice time was had by all involved especially myself. While on Venice Beach I had my fortune read and apparently things are going to get better sometime from mid to the end of July. I plan on holding Ra Rishikavi Raghudas to this prediction.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Wiz.

Wow, I am blogging Wizard these days. The reason is the that I get really, seriously bummed out when I visit my favourite blog spots and the author has not updated (yes, I'm talking to you Kimmy Harman. You live in the city that never sleeps, there has to be more to blog about.)! Today I thought I'd share some Emily facts with you in hopes of becoming one of your favourite bloggers.
*I love to watch "Murder She Wrote". JB Fletcher is a mystery writing genius.
* I really like being up to date on pop culture and am weirdly proud of always knowing the newest gossip. I read "People" and other such trashy magazines every chance I get.
*Some people told me that my "wedding off" blog was insensitive and it seemed like I didn't care at all. In actuality I care more than I would ever blog about and felt stupid for having to blog about it in the first place.
*I got a C- in my history of Bob Dylan class. Apparently I didn't take a class that spent a whole day delving into possible meanings behind "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" serious enough.
*Six years ago the dentist drilled a hole through my tongue while filling a cavity and I lost the feeling in half my tongue, left half.
*One of my all time favourite Cd's is ABBA. It always turns this frown upside down.
*I was kind of bully in elementary school. In recent years I had many old classmates tell me I hurt their feelings because I teased them too much.
*Mr. Goodbar is my top choice for chocolate.
*My sister has been and probably always will be my best friend, even when she gives me a huge spoonful of tough love.
*Up until a couple of years ago I legitimately thought Alaska was an island.

Monday, May 19, 2008

You're a wise man Oscar Wilde

Lately I have been thinking a lot about things I have wanted and haven't been getting, I know I am completely ungrateful. Then serendipitously I came across this Oscar Wilde quote "If you don't get everything you want, think of the things you don't get that you don't want." Not only was O. Wilde an 1800's babe, looks like he had a pretty good brain on him as well, real practical man. Anyway old Oscar got me to thinking about how lucky I really am and even in the worst of situations my life is still pretty great. After I made this realization I decided to make a list of things I am glad to not have.
1. Turrets Syndrome- See I use to think this would be a "fun disease", you could swear whenever you wanted and yell anything, but then I saw MTV's "True Life: I have Turrets Syndrome". This hour special broke my heart, poor Allissa was always being a real jerk about life. She didn't even have fun in Disneyland. That's how bad having Turrets Syndrome is, even a spin in the teacups doesn't make you smile.

2. While I love that Oscar Wilde, I am really glad that I was not raised in Ireland 1800's. I've been reading this book "The Burning of Bridget Clearly" (very good, I suggest it) and I tell you what females in Ireland 1800's did not have a lot of rights. Sad, little Bridget Clearly was burned to death because her husband was so intimidated by the success of her dress shop. I never realized how blessed I am to be born in the time and place I was.

3. I am really glad to not have a "throw down" with Bobby Flay. This weekend I fully realized the greatness of The Food Network and I watched about 5 episodes of Bobby Flays show (yes Dad I watched 5, but it was the weekend!). I would hate to be one of the chefs Bobby Flay throws down against. Talk about pressure! See, Bobby Flay finds someone he thinks is the master of one thing (IE. Biscuits and jam) and he tries to master this same cooking art and then Bobby Flay shows up at your restaurant and challenges you to a throw down. Yes, a cook off. Judges then come in and decide if you are the master of biscuits and jam (or whatever) or if Bobby Flay out cheffed you. I get anxious just thinking about being the challenged chef.

4. I'm really, really happy it isn't winter anymore. Life is so much harder in the winter. I am glad it is sunny and warm outside. I don't even mind a summer rainstorm.

That's all I can think to type right now although I know there are many, many other things. I will keep thinking and I am sure I can reblog about it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tu habla espanol?

Don't feel bad if you do not habla. It turns out I do not hablo all that well either. I am taking summer classes (and LOVE it) one of these classes is Spanish. I am the dunce in the class and should probably be made to sit in the corner. Luckily my teacher is a star and never makes me feel like an idiot for not grasping congegation after 3 and half years of Spanish studying. Summer school is great; the classes are smaller, the teachers are laid back, and I feel so good about accomplishing things during the "lazy" months. Another thing I love right now?

Hula hooping. I basically wish I was this woman to the left. Hula hooping is more than fun and games, it is actually a pretty good workout. I sometimes will hula hoop for literally hours at a time and I can really feel the burn. My end of summer goal is to hula hoop the entire "Guero" album by Beck. So far I've gotten to six out of thirteen songs without stopping, but I am determined to make it to all thirteen. Beck never quit on me so I won't quit till I make him proud.

What else..........................

This album was introduced to me awhile ago, and I really enjoyed it the first hear through, but I love it a little more everyday. She & Him consists of M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel and I feel like they read my diary while writing the songs. Want to know how the last month has been like for me? Listen to this, they express every emotion and thought I have had, and they do it a lot better than I ever could.


Bolthouse Farms makes delicious juices. I am surviving off it and couldn't be happier (ok, ok I have the occasional coke still). Not only is it awesome, but if you're unlucky enough to be lactose intolerant you will be glad to know it's dairy free.

And finally, we still have something to get excited about on August 2nd (yes, even I am at least happy that day will still exist) and we have Stephenie Meyer to thank for this. I may not get the dream wedding that day, but now we can finally find out if Bella does (this is a VERY small consolation prize, but beggars can't be choosers so I'll take it).

P.S. Did anyone want to buy me tickets to this????
Maybe you're asking yourself why you would want to spend a little over $50.00 on me? Well I have had possibly the worse month of my life for one. Also maybe you're trying to find the perfect birthday present for me (May, 26th), look no further this is what I want, no this is what I NEED. Imagine a whole night listening to my favorite STP songs. Oh I can hear Creep, Pretty Penny, and Art School Girl already. Let's me honest with each other, STP is not going to stay reunited forever and we're going to be lucky if they even make it to June, 11th. This has potential to be the best night of my life. On top of needing someone to buy me a ticket, I'm also going to need someone to go with me. I mean this isn't a Jimmy Buffet show, I need some support for this kind of crowd. So don't just do this for me, do it for Scott.