Wednesday, March 25, 2009

After All

Recently I returned from California for a quick Spring Break celebration in Disneyland (Yes, I just went in September, so sue me.) with parts of my family. Rich, Deb, sister Katie, Baby Grace and I packed up Rich's totally butch truck and made the long drive. Disneyland was eye opening in many ways like it has never been before. In my normal life I like to flatter myself into thinking I am an average looking female, but in Disneyland I am like WAY above average on the pretty scale. This isn't because I actually look more attractive with Splash Mountain soaked clothing and stringy hair, it's because there are a lot of unattractive people in this small world. Once you put me in a theme park with average Americans I am the Goddess of Beauty.



I say these bold comments with all confidence in the world and I thought these same comments the entire vacation. I thought all these things while wearing this:

Yes, those are Minnie Mouse ankle socks, actually I'd actually prefer if we referred to them as "bobby socks" then I sound retro not lame.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Near and far.

I am in a serious abusive relationship, luckily it isn't currently with a person. It's with text messaging. I love certain things about the text messaging. I hate so many more things about it. One of the best days of my life was the day I discovered google text ( I can get weather info at anytime!). That day only to be topped by the day I was introduced to Cha-Cha. Text messaging is so convenient. It makes staying in touch easier. Sometimes I think I am even way funnier on text message, but then there are other times when I don't translate at all over text. Texting goes like this for me. 1)Think of a response to the question/statement sent. 2)Try and be funny. 3) Write text. 4) Read text out loud. 5) Send text. I would guess that maybe once a week a sixth step of also getting approval of text message from a friend before sending is also added. Unfortunately there are too many times I send my text without properly thinking. Sometimes the message doesn't translate to funny, I'm pretty sure it just sounds abrasive. Oh and I always get much too bold over text. This is a true story; I had a decent sized crush on a boy who would occasionally take me to dinner. Anyway, over time I found out he had a on again/off again girlfriend, thus making it impossible for him to fall in love with me. One night, fairly late I decided to send him this text message, "I know you love your girlfriend, or whatever, but I know you would have more fun with me." WHA-WHAT? Why would I do that? I'll tell why, because I could. I could easily send him a message making such a bold statement because it was over text. I can do anything over text, I'm invincible. Well, invincible for a very brief amount of time, then I go down in flames. It is usually a 6 to 7 minute time span before I realize what I just did. I always regret it. It takes several hours and many friends to talk me out of the texting shame. Text messaging has ruined my life, several times over, but that doesn't stop me from loving it.