Monday, June 23, 2008

Alright Already.

Summer is the season of love. Even if you wanted to ignore this fact, it'd be impossible. Anxiously awaiting the American re arrival of Rich and Deb doesn't take up that much time. School is over, so that is no longer occupying any time, this leave Emily with a lot of free time. Usually I like to kill some of this free time with my old friend TV, but no longer. TV and I are not on the best of terms. I sat through the 24/7 coverage of Anna Nicole Smiths death, I gritted my teeth and smiled through Lifetime Networks reality flop "Yo Momma Don't Dance", I guess what I'm saying is I've been there through thick and thin and now I'm let down. What did TV do to lose such loyalty? It has become fully and completely taken over by wedding mania. Every time I flip my old friend on it's shoving martial bliss back in my face. Ok, ok Target I get it, the happiest of couples register there. Alright David's Bridal, you have wedding dresses for $99.00 you're right that is a good deal. Really Style Network? Another marathon of "Married Away"? Call me a cynic, call me bitter, call me angry but I am over wedding season. Until TV programmers are also over summer of '08 aka wedding season of the year, I'm only watching The Food Network and/or TV on DVD.

Truth be told.

Ok, ok when I said sleep and watch Gossip Girl, I meant sleep and rent all episodes of the first season of The OC, thank you Murray Library. BEST DECISION I have EVER made (yes, it's all caps good). I got chills when I started the first disk and the sweet sound of Phantom Planet came on. The OC has been one of the only steadfast in my life since '03, so you can imagine how nice it is getting reacquainted with my old friends. How much I 've missed Ryan, Sandy, Seth and even sassy Summer (I however have not missed Kirsten nor Marissa, personal reasons). I don't feel all that guilty cheating on Gossip Girl, first of all those Hong Kong, pirated versions are about as reliable as they sound and secondly Josh Schwartz doesn't care which show you watch as long as you're giving into the guilty pleasure of upper class, teen decadence dramas.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The early bird.......

I've been up since 6:30 AM and it was worth it. "Why would you pull yourself from your perfectly chilled sheets at that awful hour and how do you still have a smile on your face?" you may ask. Well summer finals over, would be my answer. I finished school until August and I assure you I have earned this break. This was my fourth semester in a row and there were some moments I doubted I'd make it to June 18th alive. So, goodbye Constantine. Goodbye Sophie Scholl. Goodbye preterit VS imperfect tenses. See you in the fall. As for me I plan on intervening between watching pirated, Hong Kong versions of CW's Gossip Girl and sleeping for five straight days. If no one hears from me by Tuesday, get worried.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We Built this City......

Rich and Deb have done it again. Right when you think my parents couldn't be any cooler than your parents, Deb and Rich move themselves even higher up on the cool scale. What did they do this time? Only make my everyday life a billion times more hip and modern with a birthday gift of this above pictured sweet, little nano. You see, I had been sporting an old, classic style, I-Pod mini that could not hold a battery charge if its life depended on it. Life was dull. Walking everywhere with no music, no excitement to my mundane routine. Those days are in the past because Oscar (That's the nano's name. I thought it sounded exotic, but still relatable.) is always by my side now and trust me life just got F-U-N. Oscar makes walking, exercising, shopping, and chores so much better. I guess it's not fair to give new nano, Deb, or Rich all the credit some old friends are also making those walks through the UVSC halls a new experience. So here's to you Foo Fighters, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty and all the Heartbreakers, Carol King and so many other great ones. It's all the above mentioned that made it possible for my life to once again have a soundtrack and my day goes a lot faster when I can think I am always staring in the "now playing" songs music video. Life is so much more dramatic when you attach a soundtrack to it. Currently I'm starring in Don Henley's "Heart of the Matter" and I'd like to think I am doing the song real justice.