Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Times like these.

When I was in elementary school I found great pride in being one of the best readers in my class. Yes, READER. Some kids dominated on the hopscotch courts or the teather ball poles and their time to shine came every recess, well mine came those magical reading days. A whole afternoon of forced quiet time, treats, blankets, and books. Pure heaven. As the years have gone on I've been able to take pride in my ability to speed read. I mean I can read fast, real fast. I read "Twilight" in like 7 hours time. I'm just REAL good at speed reading. For the last several months I have wanted nothing more than to speed read this particular chapter in my life book, BUT here's the thing I've learned about life, it's hard. It is always hard and difficult and there is never a speed reading option through these times. Luckily something else I found about life is there can be so much good during those difficult chapters.
I'd like to believe that this one trying chapter in my life is finally finished and I am already in the process of having a new direction in my life. More importantly I can at last look back on my hard time and see the good. I now have a job that I find interesting and entertaining. A job that six months ago was never an option for me. I'm living with my Rich and Deb again, a situation that I honestly never thought I'd be in again. Even though I know we drive each other crazy some days, I could never say enough how happy I am for this chance. These two are great roomies, and it's not just because my Deb will buy me anything I want out of the freezer section or because my Rich puts gas in my car. I've had the chance to become reacquainted with many good friends I had lost touch with. I felt a great outpouring of love from all my family members.
I had the chance in life to find out what really matters to me and refocus on who I want to become. I know this only happened to me because I had to completely read the chapter, I couldn't skip ahead I had to get through. I could not thank every supportive person in my life enough for helping me find the good.
Listen guys, life is going to be OK. No, life is going to be great. From now on I promise to keep thoughts like these strictly to my diary. Come back and I assure you next blog will be kept to a nice superficial, fun level (maybe we'll even talk "Ugly Betty", LOVE IT).

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh you.

Dear Felicity season 3-
I ordered you from the Murray Library months ago, but it felt like years before I finally got the call that you had made it. Season 1 and 2 were great friends during the empty summer months so of course I had my hopes high. The excitement of you arriving got me through school and work. With anticipations high I put disk one it, ok new theme song, this isn't working for me. New theme song? Really? It just repeats the same words over and over. Where is the humming? I miss the da, da, da's. I think I hate this theme song. Actually I know I do, but I'm going to let it go and try to get my excitement back to an all time high. First episode wasn't a let down, although Felicity seems a little more whiny and whimsical, but I can get over this. We can get over this. Our relationship can move forward, we just have to try. Ok, Ben's alcoholic dad (John Ritters) just came on and he is good. Oh, but I hate this format of Sean constantly filming. I HATE IT. Ok, but Meghan is prettier and more likable this season. Is it enough though?? Can we work through this. I don't know. I never thought I'd say this, but we may need to break up mid-season. It's you not me and I'm willing to give you one more disk to pull it together.