Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2008 Gonna Be Great??

When I'm not watching TV, I'm thinking. Deep thoughts. What I've been thinking recently was around this time last year everyone was into the catch phrase "2008 is going to be great". Yes, EVERYONE was saying it. While my love for rhyming is only second to my love of alliteration, I really like rhyming that's accurate. And lets all be honest, 2008 not that great. No, I'm not talking 2008 not great just on a personal Emily level, it wasn't that great on a world level (hello, recession). Now I don't think it was because 2008 was so awful I think it's more that we all had our expectations way too high (great, we wanted great). Some people may call me "negative" or a "pessimist" for this kind of attitude, but I prefer to say I'm just keeping it real or that I am even realistically optimistic. I wanted 2008 to actually be great, but that was never going to happen. 12 months is a long time. There were some great months, there were some bad ones. 2008 was an average year, like should have been expected, and people there is nothing wrong with average. Average is steady, it's reliable. I like average. Plus when you expect average when you get anything better it's an added bonus. Let me give you an example.
I've always tried to be an average student. Unfortunately for my average goal in Jr. High I was a way below average student. Like way below, I may of may not have had a 2.0 average going into 8th grade. As a student of a younger age my parents would financially reward grades (awesome). For my siblings they had to make the honor roll, for me I had to get a C (double awesome). Once I got to the average stage my parents were happy, I was happy, everyone was happy. Average was awesome. Eventually my grades got better, sometimes even above average and that was just extra exciting, but never expected.
Expectations add pressure. I don't work well under pressure. Apparently 2008 doesn't work well under pressure either. I don't blame it. When you start with great you are bound to fail. Luckily for me nine coincidentally rhymes with fine. So, 2009 probably going to be fine and if that doesn't work out 2010 is coming around the bend (boo yeah). Go ahead and think I'm negative about 2008, but I'm just keeping it real, that's how I roll.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Working all the live long day.

After a hard work week of tricking kids into good oral hygiene I decided to take Saturday off. Completely off, like I was in my PJ's until 6 PM. Naturally I used this time wisely to catch up on some VH1 (for the record, I do not believe that Brett Micheals will EVER find love on a tour bus. If he couldn't find it in a mansion or make it work with "the Frenchie" he should be alone forever). What really intrigued me was this "The Pick Up Artist 2" (A reality show where 3 "mentors" try to turn good guys into smooth operators. Smooth operators who can pick up chicks. Each week one good guy is kicked off the show for his lack of "skills".) marathon. I couldn't decide which of the following three things offended me the most about this reality show.
1. The shows main man, "Mystery". Ok, not so much "Mystery" the man, but for sure "Mystery's" wardrobe. Like I am supposed to believe that a guy who wears top hats and floor length coats trimmed in fur knows anything about "picking up" chicks? Plus "Mystery" is Canadian.
2. "Mystery" actually does know how to pick up chicks! So many episodes "Mystery" and his side kick "Matador" give the contestants advice that really works. While the pick up artist experts are outlining the game plan for the fellas I start out skeptical. "Yeah right that would work" to only be thinking ashamedly two minutes later "I totally would fall for that" or "I have fallen for that".
3. "Mystery" has a whole pick up girls language. He has a lingo that you HAVE to know if you want to be a real pick up artist. I guess the new lingo is where the actual art of the pick up happens. Here are a couple of my favourite pick up definitions.
Gambit=Conversation Starter
Niquito=Chick Magnet
Thread=Line of Conversation
Here's an example on how to use all three "Ok, Niquito tell a gambit and after a minute check the thread. If the story isn't working with this babe we'll bounce".
While I will admit "Mystery" was able to turn some of these zeros into real hero's I just can't put my full heart into backing this particular reality show, but good try VH1.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Times like these.

When I was in elementary school I found great pride in being one of the best readers in my class. Yes, READER. Some kids dominated on the hopscotch courts or the teather ball poles and their time to shine came every recess, well mine came those magical reading days. A whole afternoon of forced quiet time, treats, blankets, and books. Pure heaven. As the years have gone on I've been able to take pride in my ability to speed read. I mean I can read fast, real fast. I read "Twilight" in like 7 hours time. I'm just REAL good at speed reading. For the last several months I have wanted nothing more than to speed read this particular chapter in my life book, BUT here's the thing I've learned about life, it's hard. It is always hard and difficult and there is never a speed reading option through these times. Luckily something else I found about life is there can be so much good during those difficult chapters.
I'd like to believe that this one trying chapter in my life is finally finished and I am already in the process of having a new direction in my life. More importantly I can at last look back on my hard time and see the good. I now have a job that I find interesting and entertaining. A job that six months ago was never an option for me. I'm living with my Rich and Deb again, a situation that I honestly never thought I'd be in again. Even though I know we drive each other crazy some days, I could never say enough how happy I am for this chance. These two are great roomies, and it's not just because my Deb will buy me anything I want out of the freezer section or because my Rich puts gas in my car. I've had the chance to become reacquainted with many good friends I had lost touch with. I felt a great outpouring of love from all my family members.
I had the chance in life to find out what really matters to me and refocus on who I want to become. I know this only happened to me because I had to completely read the chapter, I couldn't skip ahead I had to get through. I could not thank every supportive person in my life enough for helping me find the good.
Listen guys, life is going to be OK. No, life is going to be great. From now on I promise to keep thoughts like these strictly to my diary. Come back and I assure you next blog will be kept to a nice superficial, fun level (maybe we'll even talk "Ugly Betty", LOVE IT).

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh you.

Dear Felicity season 3-
I ordered you from the Murray Library months ago, but it felt like years before I finally got the call that you had made it. Season 1 and 2 were great friends during the empty summer months so of course I had my hopes high. The excitement of you arriving got me through school and work. With anticipations high I put disk one it, ok new theme song, this isn't working for me. New theme song? Really? It just repeats the same words over and over. Where is the humming? I miss the da, da, da's. I think I hate this theme song. Actually I know I do, but I'm going to let it go and try to get my excitement back to an all time high. First episode wasn't a let down, although Felicity seems a little more whiny and whimsical, but I can get over this. We can get over this. Our relationship can move forward, we just have to try. Ok, Ben's alcoholic dad (John Ritters) just came on and he is good. Oh, but I hate this format of Sean constantly filming. I HATE IT. Ok, but Meghan is prettier and more likable this season. Is it enough though?? Can we work through this. I don't know. I never thought I'd say this, but we may need to break up mid-season. It's you not me and I'm willing to give you one more disk to pull it together.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Alright people it's time to get serious. Mcmonopoly is almost over and I'm still not a millionaire, I'm not even a thousandaire yet! This isn't your fault, you've all tried to help. After chatting with the Captain I finally have a run down of what we NEED. Here it is. Let's all hope one of you has one of these pieces. Fingers crossed.
Golden Ave.
Boardwalk (The ever elusive Boardwalk. My entire family desperately tried for this piece one year while we played in New York, we never got it.)
Short Line Rail Road
Water Works

Let's do this team. Let's do it for America. Let's do it for the economy. Let's do it for me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby Talk.

I have a new co-worker. She helps me with all my jobs and never complains about taking the trash out. Luckily she and I get along great, she has already declared us BFF's. She may or may not be five years old. She may or may not be my bosses daughter who comes to the office after her early morning kindergarten (which she hates, but she may need that french she's learning one day). While she may or may not be a lot of things, what she defiantly is, is wise beyond her years. A and I had a rocky start, she's a little shy, but eventually my warm smiles paid off and she started talking to me. Then this little incident happened in the lunch room.
A: Emily do you have a boyfriend?
E: No.
A: Why? I do. I have a boyfriend and he's a year older than me. I kissed my sisters boyfriend. We were playing "High School Musical" and he was Troy.

A then got a serious lecture from me about boyfriends coming and going, but sisters staying forever and how the Disney Channel was no longer an example of high morals (thanks a lot Miley). A also then seriously told her mom they needed to find me a boyfriend. You're nobody in A's world unless you're somebody with a boyfriend.

Fortunately A gave me (a complete boyfriend less loser) another chance and our friendship continued to grow. One day, because of my quest to win the McMonopoly, A and I were driving to the golden arches. On the way there she started singing a Columbus song (Columbus Day was quickly approaching and apparently her kindergarten had taught her this Columbus boat song) naturally I felt obligated to tell A the truth about Columbus. Then this happened.
A: What's a murderer? How do you even know this?
E: Because I'm the smartest person you know.
A: No you're not, you don't even have a boyfriend!
E: A, I could get a boyfriend.
A: No you couldn't.
E: Yeah, yeah I could if I wanted.
A: Ok, well if you get a boyfriend he should go to your school. He should be cute and if he's rich he could buy you a pony and you could name it Rainbow.

This logic all made sense to me, I would love to name a pony Rainbow. A may or may not be on to something. So while she may not know the definition of genocide (but she did think it sounds "stupid") she may or may not have all the solutions to life. Get a boyfriend. Get a boyfriend who can buy you a pony, sounds good to me.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New friends. Old friends. All friends.

I've been a very neglectful blogger. I have things to say, but lately I just can't find the time to say them here. That's all about to change though. I promise to give my baby blog the attention any newborn would receive. This is a promise I intend to keep. Now that I'm back to regular blogging there are many things to talk about. I could tell you all about my trip to Disneyland (it was awesome) or how much I hate it when a patient uses the big suction as a personal suction (it makes my job difficult), but why I'm writing today is because I need a favour. As some of you may or may not know today is the official start of McDonald's monopoly game. What fewer of you probably know is that I play this game religiously anytime we are lucky enough to have it roll around. Well how does my future obesity and empty wallet concern you? I have a deep in my gut feeling that 2008 is my time to win a big prize, no a HUGE prize. I've been giving the golden arches my money for so long, I've basically earned this. I can't do it alone (I actually haven't been technically doing it alone any year. You see, I have this friend "The Captain", he works on a "crew" who eat daily at McDonalds during game time and every year the two of us combine pieces), I need your pieces. I figure if I can cover the greater parts of the USA I have a real, real chance at winning. And honestly you are more than likely going to throw your pieces out. If my happiness isn't enough of a reason for you to want to give me your game pieces I've compiled a short list to try and convince you:
1. I'd be really, really happy.
2. This is a service opportunity for you. Serving others makes you happy.
3. You'll be receiving many good karma points which one day you can cash in.
4. I don't plan on saving any of my money. I plan on spending all of it, thus putting it right back into the economy and helping to pull this country out of it's recession one pair of shoes at a time.
5. When I win big I'll throw some money your way and/or donate to your favourite charity.

So maybe your my big sister who wants to treat her sweet little daughter to a treat, maybe you remember they have delicious treats at McDonald's. Maybe you're my cousin who lives in Texas with her husband. Maybe you realize that I know no one else in Texas and you're my only hope from pieces from the largest state in the union. Maybe you're my dear friend who moved to CO with her husband and now you can finally realize one positive reason to being in a different state than me. Maybe you're a friend from college who is driving through a few states for a quick trip or to attend a wedding somewhere. Maybe you're an old roommate who lives on the East coast and you love Diet Coke anyway and you realize that McDonald's has the best mix of syrup to carbonation around. Maybe you're just someone who enjoys "lovin' it" daily.
In the end you could be anyone as long as you give me your game pieces you're somebody helping to bring a lifelong dream into realization.

So let me know what pieces you want to donate. You can comment here. Or email me. I'll even send you a self addressed and stamped envelope to any location you may be in. I know I have a lot of funny ideas, but this is for very real. Help me out! 2008 is my year to win, but only with your help!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm short, but I am happy.

End of summer. Sad time of the year. Possibly the saddest time of any year for me. End of summer is worse than December 26th in this girls opinion. In an effort to benefit more from this day instead of the typical bad attitude I thought I'd make a retrospective list of summer lessons learned.

* Hula hooping is in all seriousness a great workout (and fun I should add). Impossible to believe? Come check out my calf's. Seriously my calf's are looking awesome.
* Ace the Base is a good band. I know it's a good joke band, one of the best joke bands perhaps, but they also have some terrific back beats. "Don't Turn Around" has been my entire lunch break for the last few weeks and it would be impossible for me to be happier about it.
* End of summer means beginning of fall and that means Hutchison family Disneyland trip! I dream about the churro's and popcorn. This trip involves baby Grace and while I have some hesitations about sharing in the ride time, I think it should be a lot of fun to have a legitimate reason to be in Fantasyland (other than 8 adults going to Peter Pan solely for my 28 year old sisters desires).
* Living vicariously through "Felicity" is completely healthy. If I can't have JJ Abrams write the story of my life at least for an 42 minutes at a time i can sneak into his favorite heroines world. The Murray Library already has my request for season 3. Hopefully this can come through soon because I need/want more Scott Speedman. Like now.
* Having a job sounds awful, but it is actually fun, fun, fun. At first I hated punching in and out, but now I joy from it. I really, seriously love my job. I can even answer the phones now.

End of summer is a sad time, but fall can be nice, I like wearing a nice lightweight jacket as much as the next person.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Proof I Still Exist.

Summer of Emily is in full force people, so either jump on or get out of the way. I thought the Summer of Emily circa '06 was going to be the peak of the overcoming fears. That was the summer my good friend Tom Swapp decided that something needed to be done about my "ridiculous" Emu fear and found a strange, little farm off the freeway in Orem, UT that had emus. One hot day we hiked in over the railroad tracks and got close and personal with the emus (and the buffalo who also lived there), afterwards he was so proud of me he bought me a snow cone. He's a heck of a human. '06 was also the summer I visited a construction site and climbed the ladder, it was a huge summer, but '08 is making bigger strides. Not only has Summer of Emily '08 brought many a spider killed by me (Ok, maybe by many I mean probably about four, but that's four more than I was killing in the Winter of Emily.), but it has brought the biggest fear leap to date.
I got a job (thanks to Bree, who is definitely cooler than "Felicity" on DVD). While this is a big deal in itself (First real job I've had in three and a half years, I have an appointed lunch break, and I even have to clock in!) what makes it Summer of Emily material is the fact that this job happens to be in a dentist office as a dental assistant. As all of you should know (because I blogged about it already) I had a terrifying experience with my dentist 7 years ago, such a terrifying experience that I have a legitimate reason for fearing dental appointments. Now I work for one, and kind of love it, but also sometimes it makes me want to throw up. I get to touch all those things you want to touch in the office, but are afraid you'll get caught doing. I get to push the buttons on the chair, I know the reasons the instruments smell weird, and today I even made an temporary crown. So while this job may not last forever (I sometimes wonder if I'm too much of a free spirit to be tied down by "the man" and I have some serious day dreams about working at the zoo.) the fear is conquered and no one can take that ways from me. In your face Summer of Emily '06.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Peter Peeves

In my short 24 years I'm afraid that I have developed quiet a number of pet peeves. I've really been trying to cut back on the annoyances I feel over little things, and I can get over forgetting to use your blinker, I try and ignore the fact that you just used "at" to end your sentences, and I will even stop clearing off the extra seconds left on the microwave, but I can never, ever get over the public restroom intruder.
Using a public restroom is obviously never nearly as comfortable as a private bathroom break, but when forced to use the public restroom I still like trying to have some space. This is why when fate allows I take a middle stall surrounded by empty stalls. Often times this requires me to walk the length of the restroom, but it's worth it. This is where the dreaded intruder comes in. No matter how many empty stalls are in a bathroom this jokster has to pick the stall directly next to mine. This bothers me to no end in fact I would say it drives me crazy. It happened last week at Target and today at the movie theater. The restroom intruder totally brought down my post Dark Knight high. I'm going to try to get over this unnecessary peeve, but until then I will at least just try and make it my only peeve.

PS The good news is, my friend Traci at the library tells me they can special order Felicity season 2. Apparently special ordering isn't that big deal for the Murray Library, they ordered in Daft Punk DVD's just on the recommendation of one patron, I feel that many would benefit from more Felicity.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Big news. No, huge news.

This is the biggest thing to happen to me since Summer finally gave Seth the time of day and their magical romance began. My Rich and Deb are FINALLY home, and all the Hutchisons could not be happier.  After three (very long, Emily's opinion solely) years in Argentina Rich and Deb have come back to the land of hamburgers and inches. I personally could not have received parents at a better time. While joy is at an all time high, we still have some details to iron out. 

Background: I currently do not have a job, school, or any real obligations. 
Question: Is there any reason I should have to be up before 10AM under these conditions?
Emily's Answer: No, there is NO reason I should be up earlier than 10.
Rich's Answer: Yes, companionship study and there is no reason a to sleep in later than 9, plus only Satan sleeps in that late. 

So there are so things to work out. Another thing to work out, Rich trying to set me up on dates with EVERYONE. Rich has a goal of 30 referrals for dates by Sunday. He's in mission mode still and I am suffering the consequences. He asked the checker at Costco if he was single and looking.  If it wouldn't have been so funny, it would have been humiliating. I'm sure there will be many more of these experiences so I'll keep you posted.  

Side Note- If anyone knows where I can get my hands on a copy of Felicity season 2 I would be forever indebted.  If I don't find out soon if Felicity went to Berlin with Noel or across the country with Ben, I am going to lose my mind. 

Monday, June 23, 2008

Alright Already.

Summer is the season of love. Even if you wanted to ignore this fact, it'd be impossible. Anxiously awaiting the American re arrival of Rich and Deb doesn't take up that much time. School is over, so that is no longer occupying any time, this leave Emily with a lot of free time. Usually I like to kill some of this free time with my old friend TV, but no longer. TV and I are not on the best of terms. I sat through the 24/7 coverage of Anna Nicole Smiths death, I gritted my teeth and smiled through Lifetime Networks reality flop "Yo Momma Don't Dance", I guess what I'm saying is I've been there through thick and thin and now I'm let down. What did TV do to lose such loyalty? It has become fully and completely taken over by wedding mania. Every time I flip my old friend on it's shoving martial bliss back in my face. Ok, ok Target I get it, the happiest of couples register there. Alright David's Bridal, you have wedding dresses for $99.00 you're right that is a good deal. Really Style Network? Another marathon of "Married Away"? Call me a cynic, call me bitter, call me angry but I am over wedding season. Until TV programmers are also over summer of '08 aka wedding season of the year, I'm only watching The Food Network and/or TV on DVD.

Truth be told.

Ok, ok when I said sleep and watch Gossip Girl, I meant sleep and rent all episodes of the first season of The OC, thank you Murray Library. BEST DECISION I have EVER made (yes, it's all caps good). I got chills when I started the first disk and the sweet sound of Phantom Planet came on. The OC has been one of the only steadfast in my life since '03, so you can imagine how nice it is getting reacquainted with my old friends. How much I 've missed Ryan, Sandy, Seth and even sassy Summer (I however have not missed Kirsten nor Marissa, personal reasons). I don't feel all that guilty cheating on Gossip Girl, first of all those Hong Kong, pirated versions are about as reliable as they sound and secondly Josh Schwartz doesn't care which show you watch as long as you're giving into the guilty pleasure of upper class, teen decadence dramas.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The early bird.......

I've been up since 6:30 AM and it was worth it. "Why would you pull yourself from your perfectly chilled sheets at that awful hour and how do you still have a smile on your face?" you may ask. Well summer finals over, would be my answer. I finished school until August and I assure you I have earned this break. This was my fourth semester in a row and there were some moments I doubted I'd make it to June 18th alive. So, goodbye Constantine. Goodbye Sophie Scholl. Goodbye preterit VS imperfect tenses. See you in the fall. As for me I plan on intervening between watching pirated, Hong Kong versions of CW's Gossip Girl and sleeping for five straight days. If no one hears from me by Tuesday, get worried.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We Built this City......

Rich and Deb have done it again. Right when you think my parents couldn't be any cooler than your parents, Deb and Rich move themselves even higher up on the cool scale. What did they do this time? Only make my everyday life a billion times more hip and modern with a birthday gift of this above pictured sweet, little nano. You see, I had been sporting an old, classic style, I-Pod mini that could not hold a battery charge if its life depended on it. Life was dull. Walking everywhere with no music, no excitement to my mundane routine. Those days are in the past because Oscar (That's the nano's name. I thought it sounded exotic, but still relatable.) is always by my side now and trust me life just got F-U-N. Oscar makes walking, exercising, shopping, and chores so much better. I guess it's not fair to give new nano, Deb, or Rich all the credit some old friends are also making those walks through the UVSC halls a new experience. So here's to you Foo Fighters, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty and all the Heartbreakers, Carol King and so many other great ones. It's all the above mentioned that made it possible for my life to once again have a soundtrack and my day goes a lot faster when I can think I am always staring in the "now playing" songs music video. Life is so much more dramatic when you attach a soundtrack to it. Currently I'm starring in Don Henley's "Heart of the Matter" and I'd like to think I am doing the song real justice.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memory Day.

This last weekend was a federal holiday and my birthday. This meant a road trip was on the docket. My weekend was filled with my two favourite engaged couples. Kris, Bethany, and I drove down to California and then Rachel and Rodney picked me up in Anaheim. Let's talk highlights.

Kris and Bethany-
Look at this couple, babe alert. Kris and Beth were the BEST road trip partners of life. They tell great jokes, listen to pleasing music, let me take as many bathroom breaks as I want, and they didn't even make fun of me when I cried while looking at the pictures of Ashlee Simpson's wedding (Oh give me a break, I'm not made of stone!). Kris and Beth are a stellar engaged couple. They never PDA and they always make you feel welcome around them. They are two extremely good souls who I am so lucky to have on my team (Yes I have a team and if you are reading this you better plan on being part of it. Maybe we'll get uniforms).

The Peterson Clan- Kris's family was nice enough to let us spend one of the road trip nights in their amazing St. George house. The thing about the Peterson family is they are generous, kind, attractive, and welcoming. They are all also exceptionally funny. If they ever had their own reality show I would watch it, love it, and hope to guest star in it. They are funnier than you, they are funnier than me, they are even funnier than Red Skeleton. Yes, they are that much fun. Not only did they give me a comfortable bed to sleep in, but they also had coca-cola classic and cinnamon poppets (small doughnuts) waiting by the door for our 5 AM departure.
Next up were Rodney and Rachel. These two are the most awesome. The second I sat down in the Hyundai it was joke central. They make me laugh so hard I think my spleen is going to explode, but I wouldn't even mind because we are having so much fun. They are a great/good time. We had lots of jokes, impersonations, and rap collaborations. Rachel and Rodney did their part to make my birthday a fun time. They took me all around Venice Beach, Hollywood, Santa Monica pier, and so many great vintage shops. I pointed out all the famous spots I recognized from MTV's "The Hills", including but not limited to Koi, Area, SBE offices. Now I will put up a line of pictures for you to view.

Overall a very nice time was had by all involved especially myself. While on Venice Beach I had my fortune read and apparently things are going to get better sometime from mid to the end of July. I plan on holding Ra Rishikavi Raghudas to this prediction.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Wiz.

Wow, I am blogging Wizard these days. The reason is the that I get really, seriously bummed out when I visit my favourite blog spots and the author has not updated (yes, I'm talking to you Kimmy Harman. You live in the city that never sleeps, there has to be more to blog about.)! Today I thought I'd share some Emily facts with you in hopes of becoming one of your favourite bloggers.
*I love to watch "Murder She Wrote". JB Fletcher is a mystery writing genius.
* I really like being up to date on pop culture and am weirdly proud of always knowing the newest gossip. I read "People" and other such trashy magazines every chance I get.
*Some people told me that my "wedding off" blog was insensitive and it seemed like I didn't care at all. In actuality I care more than I would ever blog about and felt stupid for having to blog about it in the first place.
*I got a C- in my history of Bob Dylan class. Apparently I didn't take a class that spent a whole day delving into possible meanings behind "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" serious enough.
*Six years ago the dentist drilled a hole through my tongue while filling a cavity and I lost the feeling in half my tongue, left half.
*One of my all time favourite Cd's is ABBA. It always turns this frown upside down.
*I was kind of bully in elementary school. In recent years I had many old classmates tell me I hurt their feelings because I teased them too much.
*Mr. Goodbar is my top choice for chocolate.
*My sister has been and probably always will be my best friend, even when she gives me a huge spoonful of tough love.
*Up until a couple of years ago I legitimately thought Alaska was an island.

Monday, May 19, 2008

You're a wise man Oscar Wilde

Lately I have been thinking a lot about things I have wanted and haven't been getting, I know I am completely ungrateful. Then serendipitously I came across this Oscar Wilde quote "If you don't get everything you want, think of the things you don't get that you don't want." Not only was O. Wilde an 1800's babe, looks like he had a pretty good brain on him as well, real practical man. Anyway old Oscar got me to thinking about how lucky I really am and even in the worst of situations my life is still pretty great. After I made this realization I decided to make a list of things I am glad to not have.
1. Turrets Syndrome- See I use to think this would be a "fun disease", you could swear whenever you wanted and yell anything, but then I saw MTV's "True Life: I have Turrets Syndrome". This hour special broke my heart, poor Allissa was always being a real jerk about life. She didn't even have fun in Disneyland. That's how bad having Turrets Syndrome is, even a spin in the teacups doesn't make you smile.

2. While I love that Oscar Wilde, I am really glad that I was not raised in Ireland 1800's. I've been reading this book "The Burning of Bridget Clearly" (very good, I suggest it) and I tell you what females in Ireland 1800's did not have a lot of rights. Sad, little Bridget Clearly was burned to death because her husband was so intimidated by the success of her dress shop. I never realized how blessed I am to be born in the time and place I was.

3. I am really glad to not have a "throw down" with Bobby Flay. This weekend I fully realized the greatness of The Food Network and I watched about 5 episodes of Bobby Flays show (yes Dad I watched 5, but it was the weekend!). I would hate to be one of the chefs Bobby Flay throws down against. Talk about pressure! See, Bobby Flay finds someone he thinks is the master of one thing (IE. Biscuits and jam) and he tries to master this same cooking art and then Bobby Flay shows up at your restaurant and challenges you to a throw down. Yes, a cook off. Judges then come in and decide if you are the master of biscuits and jam (or whatever) or if Bobby Flay out cheffed you. I get anxious just thinking about being the challenged chef.

4. I'm really, really happy it isn't winter anymore. Life is so much harder in the winter. I am glad it is sunny and warm outside. I don't even mind a summer rainstorm.

That's all I can think to type right now although I know there are many, many other things. I will keep thinking and I am sure I can reblog about it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tu habla espanol?

Don't feel bad if you do not habla. It turns out I do not hablo all that well either. I am taking summer classes (and LOVE it) one of these classes is Spanish. I am the dunce in the class and should probably be made to sit in the corner. Luckily my teacher is a star and never makes me feel like an idiot for not grasping congegation after 3 and half years of Spanish studying. Summer school is great; the classes are smaller, the teachers are laid back, and I feel so good about accomplishing things during the "lazy" months. Another thing I love right now?

Hula hooping. I basically wish I was this woman to the left. Hula hooping is more than fun and games, it is actually a pretty good workout. I sometimes will hula hoop for literally hours at a time and I can really feel the burn. My end of summer goal is to hula hoop the entire "Guero" album by Beck. So far I've gotten to six out of thirteen songs without stopping, but I am determined to make it to all thirteen. Beck never quit on me so I won't quit till I make him proud.

What else..........................

This album was introduced to me awhile ago, and I really enjoyed it the first hear through, but I love it a little more everyday. She & Him consists of M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel and I feel like they read my diary while writing the songs. Want to know how the last month has been like for me? Listen to this, they express every emotion and thought I have had, and they do it a lot better than I ever could.


Bolthouse Farms makes delicious juices. I am surviving off it and couldn't be happier (ok, ok I have the occasional coke still). Not only is it awesome, but if you're unlucky enough to be lactose intolerant you will be glad to know it's dairy free.

And finally, we still have something to get excited about on August 2nd (yes, even I am at least happy that day will still exist) and we have Stephenie Meyer to thank for this. I may not get the dream wedding that day, but now we can finally find out if Bella does (this is a VERY small consolation prize, but beggars can't be choosers so I'll take it).

P.S. Did anyone want to buy me tickets to this????
Maybe you're asking yourself why you would want to spend a little over $50.00 on me? Well I have had possibly the worse month of my life for one. Also maybe you're trying to find the perfect birthday present for me (May, 26th), look no further this is what I want, no this is what I NEED. Imagine a whole night listening to my favorite STP songs. Oh I can hear Creep, Pretty Penny, and Art School Girl already. Let's me honest with each other, STP is not going to stay reunited forever and we're going to be lucky if they even make it to June, 11th. This has potential to be the best night of my life. On top of needing someone to buy me a ticket, I'm also going to need someone to go with me. I mean this isn't a Jimmy Buffet show, I need some support for this kind of crowd. So don't just do this for me, do it for Scott.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Welcome to Munchkin Land.

Fact: Baby Duncan is adorable. I think I am a pretty credible source on this subject because I've never been goo-goo, ga-ga for newborns. He is a sweet little baby with a good soul. Baby Duncan managed to find my ever elusive maternal instincts. I have never been this motherly in my life. Usually I think newborns are pretty boring because all they do is eat and sleep and occasionally cry, but I could watch Duncan just sit for a long stretch of time and feel like it was time well spent. I may have cried when I first met him, maybe I'm just extra sensitive right now or maybe he is a really great newborn. Grace and I have also been having a nice time together. She is a smart little thing and I am surprised/amused by her comments. It was her birthday this week and she got a USA puzzle with all the states, she has been learning some states. The other morning I heard her talking to her toy tiger and she told him "Look tiger, Hawaii", and it was actually the Hawaii puzzle piece. She also said to me "Emmy read Gracie different book." She's two and obviously a baby genius. She is always referring to herself in third person saying things like "Gracie funny". Lately we have been getting into some extreme rap battles, we both hold our own. So Milwaukee has been a great visit. Spring of Emily continues with the overcoming of newborn fears. I even feed Baby Duncan all by myself, but I don't ever burp him, that's taking this a little too far. I've added a couple of pictures of me and the kiddies. One is the baby hammock I made for Duncan with my blanket and the other is me and Grace in front of the house.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Little Lady Day

Three reasons my life falls somewhere on the scale of OK to awesome.
1. Due to the amount of free time recently acquired, I was able to help my roommate Jana make a movie with her BF, Billy. True fact: I am an incredible hula hooper/actress. Here is a link to the movie we made http://www.beautyandthebeastmaster.blogspot.com/. There is one part of this short film where I seem to be legitimately mentally handicapped, see if you can guess it. Jana wanted to do something a little extra special for her parents because she is graduating (lucky), so this one is for Fritz and Gwen. Oh and yes, Jana's parents do love gangsta rap and girls lounging on Beetles, so don't judge me.
2. In exactly seven hours my finals are OVER. In the past week I've written over 62 pages of original work, and I'm not even an English major anymore. At 6 in the AM I will be at the UVSC taking a final. 6 AM is in six and a half hours. I should be asleep, but as of late I've been a bit of an insomniac, I know, I don't like it any better than you do. So if anyone wants to chat "after hours" give me a call. I'll be up and I have free minutes.
3. I have a wonderful man as a father who is flying me to spend my one week break from school in the land of dairy, alcohol, and sisters. I also get to meet new baby Duncan and hang with my favourite girl Grace. I am so happy I get to see my family, thanks President. I've heard that baby Duncan is adorable, but I'll be the judge of that. Conclusions forthcoming.
And a number 4( just for good measure). This last week I killed a spider. With a tissue not a vacuum. Also on Saturday a wolf spider crawled on my leg and all I did was brush it off, anxiety attack free, Winter of Emily is over. Spring of Emily has now begun.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Marriage is just another form of slavery."- Aunt Jackie from Roseanne

Ok folks change of plans, wedding off. Go ahead and free up August 2nd for personal use again. Things just didn't work out, but I'm blogging about it so I am obviously doing alright. Hopefully one day I will get to put all these great wedding plans into use, but that day just isn't going to be this summer. Hey, don't cry for me things are better this way. I will have to warn you reader, if you post a comment telling me "I'm sorry", I will murder you. Thank you for all your support and love.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sharing time.

My father lives in a foreign country. Not only that, but he is a busy man. He has his hands full. Yet somehow he still finds time to: 1. Find my blog through a maze of family links. 2. Read my posts. 3. Set up an account solely for the purpose of posting comments. 4. Council me on my time management skills through comments. Please see below example.

Richard said...
EMILY, what are your thinking Girl? How can you spend an entire evening watching some lame TV shown. I mean, don't you have homework to do, a wedding to plan, a job and a boy friend to get to know better? How can you find the time to watch some reality TV show when there is some much life, your own, to live. Hey, I have a idea, if you have some extra time, write your dad a letter. Love your Dad
March 8, 2008 6:04 AM

Isn't he amazing? OK, and he does have a good point. I should be doing other things than watching ANTM, but don't tell him I said he was right. We don't want it going to his perfectly coiffed head.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

ANTM Update.

Wednesday nights are always busy for me. I leave the entire night open so I can watch Americas Next Top Model. I love the drama, tears, and over the top theatrics from Tyra. Last night was not a disappointment. Last night was also the WORST makeovers in the history of ANTM (and I have seen all 10 seasons, thanks for the re-runs VH1). Dominique didn't have enough pretty barriers to overcome, now she has to try to work that soccer mom, mushroom top cut? I don't know who thought it was a good idea to let Tyra make up hair styles, but there is no way Marvitas "horse tail" cut is starting any trends. Kat (polish babe), Claire, and Fatima (She is a brat, but her hair does make her resemble Iman) are the only girls who walked away looking actually better. I guess Lauren doesn't look too bad, but up was the only direction to go with that girl. The rest of those rag tag wanna be's with their sick extensions better hope they don't meet the same fate as Allison. It's already humiliating being a loser and now most of them are losers with bad hair. Also I wish someone was the mean/brutally honest judge. I miss Janice.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter of Emily

One of my good friends suggested I write about things I am good at doing. For those of you interested, this is a long list. Today I decided to write about one of these things in particular that is being used a lot. This is my overactive imagination. This, I believe, is a great talent when utilized correctly. Unfortunately for me this talent is mostly used to scare myself, I am also really good at having fears. A few of the major fears I have are as followed (not in order): large, flightless birds IE, ostrich/emus, spiders, heights, bio warfare, dinosaurs. A couple of summers ago I decided it was time to stop letting fears run my life. I was going to get in control of them. I rented Jurassic Park. I visited a funny farm off the freeway in Orem that had, among other things, Emus. I went to a job site and climbed a ladder. I even went to the pet store to stand next to the spiders. It was the Summer of Emily. I was on a high. Unfortunately trying to get over phobias on your own is a full time job, and I just didn't have the determination. Now the phobias are the same and back, stronger then ever. I've tried little techniques, but nothing to match the Summer of Emily, until now. A couple of months ago I started seeing previews for a J.J. Abrams movie. They not only confused me, but also terrified me. When this movie, "Cloverfield" came out a couple weeks ago the fear strengthened. All my friends went and saw it, one friend told me all the gory details. That night I woke up in a cold sweat from experiencing a nightmare blending this preview and movie facts with past scary movie images. I have not see The Sixth Sense since I was 14 (In case the opportunity ever arises to see a thriller with my older sister Katie, don't do it. She is not a companion for the easily spooked. The two of us went alone to see The Sixth Sense and she cried/covered her eyes the entire movie, leaving me to fend for myself.), but still that little boy that found the gun still frequently haunts my dreams. This creep along with that ghost from The Grudge are all too often my nighttime companions. Knowing this about myself I knew I should NEVER see Cloverfield. This Sunday I told my roommate I had a vivid nightmare about Cloverfield, she had seen it the night before and convinced me that while it was intense it was not scary. That's when I knew what I had to do. I had to see Cloverfield. It had been a sleep terrorists that past few nights,and I was going to beat this thing. Last night I saw it and I slept like a baby. I beat that fear and now the Winter of Emily has begun. I had even considered re watching The Sixth Sense, but deiceded not to get that crazy, maybe I'll just get a spider plate to eat off instead.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Heartbreakers, all of them.

My life is simple, with simple pleasures. One of these pleasures is watching my favorite reality shows on reruns. Today while watching "Rock of Love Two" (starring Poisons front man Brett Mic heals) VH1 took me to commercial. Here comes one of Dr. Peppers clever "it's diet, but it taste like candy" commercials for Diet Dr. Pepper, but wait this one was extra special. It was for a new Diet Dr. Pepper, Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper. Now any consumer worth their weight in fountain drink gold will know this is definitely a special edition drink without even having to see the "limited edition" tag. Because of this I am steering clear. I don't need to get attached to another delicacy only to have it ripped nastily away by some old board room biddy, not again. RIP: Crystal Pepsi, Coca Cola C2, and Black Cherry Vanilla Coke. All three of these major hits to my soda pop lifestyle, but the cruelest of all was the sudden cut off of Mountain Dew Pitch Black. The king of nightlife pop. The abrupt end to my mountain Dew grape soda almost killed me. Every summer my heart beats a little faster seeing 7-11 carrying Pitch Black Slurpee's, but this is just a tease. Therefore I will never try Chocolate Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper, it just isn't worth the heart break.