Wednesday, March 25, 2009

After All

Recently I returned from California for a quick Spring Break celebration in Disneyland (Yes, I just went in September, so sue me.) with parts of my family. Rich, Deb, sister Katie, Baby Grace and I packed up Rich's totally butch truck and made the long drive. Disneyland was eye opening in many ways like it has never been before. In my normal life I like to flatter myself into thinking I am an average looking female, but in Disneyland I am like WAY above average on the pretty scale. This isn't because I actually look more attractive with Splash Mountain soaked clothing and stringy hair, it's because there are a lot of unattractive people in this small world. Once you put me in a theme park with average Americans I am the Goddess of Beauty.



I say these bold comments with all confidence in the world and I thought these same comments the entire vacation. I thought all these things while wearing this:

Yes, those are Minnie Mouse ankle socks, actually I'd actually prefer if we referred to them as "bobby socks" then I sound retro not lame.


melimba said...

ok, you kill me. it's official.


thank you for the entertaining read. Feel free to be a professional writer---in this life AND the next, b/c I'd like to read about your life forever.

thanks for all the disney references--"small world", and mostly, thanks for the socks.

a perfect end to a perfect day.

i'm glad you went to (as I like to say) again. Good work.

erica said...

I begged Heavenly Father to make me a Hutchison! He told me to go with my current fam and said they will never take you to Disneyland but you will love them in the end.

I guess he was right.

He probably knew how I just act like an Asian when I'm at Disneyland and how your family would hate that. I would then be the black sheep of the family for not fitting in at the second promise land and in the end not feel love and acceptance.

I guess he was right again...

BethanyPeterson said...

i love everything about you.

im back em.

Katie Irion said...

Oh Em, what a deluded little girl. You gotta have some spunk to wear that outfit. Your lucky I got over my embarrassment and still hung out with you in Disney. Thanks for all the great memories and for Grace's sticky fingers. You're the best! Call me. YRAQT!

Katie said...

Wow Em, that is hot! Remind me not to stand next to you in theme parks. I just don't compare to beauty like that!

Shea and Syd McGee said...

i know we didn't get to enjoy each other's company too often in salt lake, but i enjoyed our trip to the savers in murray too much to let this internet relationship go to waste. next time you're at disneyland - call me.

Andrea Marie Photography said...

You're hilarious!! I love the red "bobby socks." And thank you for the bold comments, it's nice to hear honesty from someone who knows they are workin' it.

Cardon Family said... are seriously the funniest person I know! Love the socks....only you could rock those!:)

Fish Nat!on said...

i love you so much. please move to the bay area with me in the fall and be one of my roomies.

Rebecca Snyder said...

oh my gosh, this is Becca- ya know Melissa's sister- Reg Friend. Definitely reading your blog in economics right now, definitely laughed out loud. Love the socks, you are beautiful even when you aren't in Disneyland.